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Why Is Turf Infill Important In Your Backyard’s Artificial Grass?

Have you made the decision to install an artificial grass turf system in your backyard? Congratulations. It’s a smart choice, and you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners in every region of the US are choosing to replace their natural grass lawns with synthetic turf.

The importance of turf infill in your backyard’s artificial turf system

There are countless reasons to make the switch. Turf systems require dramatically less water and time to maintain, which is especially useful in drought-affected areas and hot climates. A savvy artificial grass turf system offers an attractive, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance landscape solution for family homes with kids and pets.

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning and designing, you may be wondering about whether you should include turf infill in your system. You have probably noticed discrepancies amongst residential synthetic turf systems; some contain turf infill while others don’t. So, is infill a necessary component? What does it do? At Motz, we always recommend including a high-quality, non-toxic turf infill in your system’s design. Here’s why.

Turf infill protects the whole synthetic turf system

Infill serves as a protective barrier for your turf backing and fibers. It structurally supports turf fibers so that they stay in an upright position for longer. At the same time, it serves as a buffer from sharp objects that can easily tear and perforate the soft backing and pad.

Another reason to include turf infill in your system’s design? A high-quality infill will improve overall drainage. Heavier infill helps to keep the turf carpet in place when it rains whereas systems without infill are more likely to wrinkle due to contracting and expanding in the elements.  Envirofill specifically helps the drainage of turf systems because of the rounded shape of the individual grains of infill which helps prevent compaction, but some infills will actually compact and can cause drainage issues. With the wrong infill or no infill, artificial grass turf systems are susceptible to pooling, backlog, and mildew, creating smells, stains, and headaches for homeowners.

The protection turf infill offers tangibly increases the longevity of the entire synthetic turf system, and in turn, keeps costs associated with maintenance and repair down.

Turf infill keeps synthetic grass cooler

Certain turf infills, like Motz’s all-natural infill, Safeshell, have evaporative cooling properties. Products like Safeshell keep your lawn far cooler than synthetic turf systems without infill at all or with certain infill made from other materials. Safeshell absorbs water with minimal expansion and releases it slowly over time, resulting in a surface temperature that is up to 37 degrees cooler.

Turf infill creates a lush and vibrant aesthetic

Enjoy a brightly landscaped yard throughout the entire year with high-quality turf infill. By choosing turf for your home landscaping, you won’t worry about the unsightly appearance of a brown, deadening yard in the winter or during times of drought in warmer weather.

Envirofill turf infill makes lawns greener than green with little to no water.  In fact, water is only needed once or twice a month to clean your system, unless your pet is doing his business on the turf lawn which would increase the need for cleaning. Envirofill is a turf infill known for its attractive aesthetic and has many other benefits to homes with pets and dogs because it’s non-toxic and antimicrobial.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is install… turf infill!

Turf infill keeps yards with synthetic turf grass so fresh and so clean

Here’s arguably the most compelling reason not to skip the infill in your artificial grass landscaping: Now, with the right infill, you can use it to fight bacteria, mold, and mildew that lead to unpleasant odors and stains.

Envirofill has really changed the lay of the land of the turf infill market. It’s the first and only infill product that’s made with Microban antimicrobial protection. Microban® is infused in each grain of Envirofill, and it’s a non-toxic, long-lasting antimicrobial agent that hinders the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. For homes with kids and pets, this is a massive advantage, substantially increasing the life of your turf system while keeping it smelling fresh and looking great. Envirofill has a 16-year warranty that guarantees Microban®’s effectiveness throughout the entire lifespan of the product.

If you’re planning to install a synthetic turf system in your yard, make sure to include turf infill in your designs, and furthermore, choose your infill wisely. Envirofill and Safeshell protect your artificial grass turf system and your family. Both infills make your yard attractive, too. There’s plenty to gain with a high-quality turf infill. Learn more about synthetic turf in residential landscaping.

Ready to dream up the perfect artificial grass turf system? Take the first step. Find and connect with a Motz distributor or installer near you.

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