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Project Overview

Moeller High School is well-known for its exceptional baseball program, which has produced Major League Baseball players Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Hyzdu. The prestigious Division 1 state baseball team received 30 acres of donated land for Moeller to have their first official baseball home field. Moeller knew this was going to be a big project to manage and wanted to make sure they had an experienced expert to build their first history-making field on the Bucher Athletic Complex site. 

Motz was selected to build their high-performance baseball field in Miamiville called Kremcheck Stadium. Moeller was confident in their choice to hire Motz to develop their first field at their new athletic complex due to Motz teams’ experience building professional and D1 collegiate sports fields and their long-standing relationship over the years. 

Motz took the time to gather insights to identify the most well-suited system for this project by understanding the needs of the coaching staff, players, and other administrators through an evaluation of their performance goals. The team at Motz found the perfect products for this complex by using a proven engineered synthetic turf system that is backed by testing.

The Motz Group partners with Shaw Sports Turf as their turf supplier. Shaw has spent years conducting extensive research on the performance of the best professional-level baseball fields in the MLB. This research influenced the systems and products The Motz Group installs on fields like Moeller’s new baseball field. Motz turf and infill systems are tuned for the ideal ball-to-surface interaction, creating a predictable surface for fielding and athletes to perform their best. 

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Field Installation
Field Construction Management

The Situation

Moeller High School has produced eight state championships, 14 MLB players, and two MLB Hall of Fame players, but never had a place to call home, until now. That was until Barry Bucher donated 30 acres of land on Second Street in Miamiville to the school. Kremchek Stadium is the first field structure on the Bucher Athletic Complex site. The property will be used to grow the school’s athletic programs for years to come. 

The Play

This renovation project required Motz to work with multiple contractors to bring the new Moeller artificial turf baseball field to life. 

The foundation or base of the baseball field was prepared for the Motz team by the first set of contractors, which consisted of the building pad and the subgrade. Motz then provided the drainage, dynamic stone base, and turf installation for this baseball field. 

There are many different types of turf for athletic fields, which influence the performance of the athlete and the longevity of a sports field.  Motz customized the artificial turf system specific for baseball with their TriplePlay System. Tailored to hit a home run, the TriplePlay Synthetic Turf System series is built explicitly with baseball and softball’s detailed performance needs in mind. The TriplePlay Turf System offers a multi-layered backing that provides all-encompassing durability for heavy cleat wear while incorporating a polyurethane layer that locks the fibers tightly in position. This turf system creates a high-performance baseball field that will stay consistent for the players and help them perform at their ultimate level. 

Motz-engineered infill mix was used to maximize ball performance and playability, which is better for ball-to-surface interaction for synthetic baseball fields. Moeller’s field was infilled with a sand rubber mixture, which delivers exceptional playability with fewer rainouts and reduced maintenance.

The team of experts at Motz controlled the delivery plan of the renovation, worked with the general contractor to meet the project’s scope, and addressed any challenges by creating solutions throughout the construction process. 

Motz provided a high-quality baseball field that Moeller’s baseball student-athletes enjoy playing games on and are proud to call their home field. Our baseball practices are exciting and a remarkable experience due to this new superior-level baseball field system Motz coordinated and installed. This new baseball field surface was designed with high performance, durability, and safety in mind. Moeller chose Motz due to their trusted reputation, high-quality products, reliable customer service, and expertise in building baseball fields at every level from high school to professional.

Tim Held | Varsity Head Baseball Coach

Exceptional Playability for a High-Profile Baseball Program’s Game Field

A high-performance game field was essential to Moeller and its athletes. The construction of Moeller’s new baseball field was just as important as the high-crafted products used to create it. Motz made sure to recommend a synthetic turf system that would provide proper footing for Moeller’s student-athletes, no matter the weather. The new state-of-the-art field provides Moeller’s community with a game-ready location they can be proud of for years to come.

Where High-Quality Products And Services Meet Performance

Motz provided high-quality products to build this new baseball field for Moeller High School’s student-athletes. The high-profile baseball field surface at Moeller was designed for performance, safety, and durability. Motz knew the tools and products used were essential and had to meet the success level of excellence as the players.

Trusted Sports Field Construction

Moeller High School chose Motz, a locally owned company in Ohio because of their past relationship working with them on two other field construction projects, which built trust that has lasted for 14 years. Motz also provides routine maintenance services for Moeller’s fields to keep them clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. The long-time partnership between Motz and Moeller has been made even stronger by the fact that many Moeller graduates work for Motz full-time and year-round.

A unique relationship exists between Motz and Moeller because many Moeller alumni work for Motz full-time and seasonally, which has increased the loyalty between these two long-time partners.

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