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Replacing Your Artificial Turf Field? Make These Six Upgrades At the Same Time!

Most synthetic turf sports fields must be replaced every 8-10 years. When the time comes, you may wonder who can help, what it will cost, and what needs consideration. These questions are just the tip of the iceberg for many artificial turf field owners.

In navigating this process for over forty years, we’ve learned that timing is everything. Plan your field replacement project to coincide with a few other crucial updates. You’ll save money, maximize facility usage, prevent disruption to athletic team schedules, and keep your facilities in excellent shape.

Our best advice is to team up with a trusted industry expert and consider working the following six key additional upgrades into your game plan to make the process efficient and cost-effective.

Six athletic facility upgrades to coincide with artificial turf replacement plans

1. Track Surface Upgrades

Resurface, restripe, clean, or replace your track at the same time your synthetic turf athletic fields undergo replacement to minimize facility closings since neither the track nor the field can be used while these improvements are underway. The average time between track resurfacing is 8-15 years, so chances are, if your artificial turf field is nearing replacement, your track surface needs attention, as well. 

After joining forces with a running track cleaning team, we offer seamless, bundled services for track and field construction, maintenance, and replacement.

2. Additional Track Infrastructure Improvements

Have you wanted to reconfigure different components of your track? Perhaps you’d like to move the high jump or pole vault to a new location. Take advantage of this time to redesign existing elements and make them work better for your athletes.

3. Site Fencing 

From high school turf fields to professional stadiums, athletic facilities benefit from high-quality fencing. Enclose your sports field or replace old fencing to add aesthetic and functional value to any sports complex.

4. Electrical Repairs

Now is the time to repair and upgrade the electric functions of your facilities, like play clocks and track timing systems. Contractors will remove your turf surface during the turf field replacement process, so it’s the perfect opportunity to access underground electrical lines.

5. Bleacher Remodel or Replacement

Do your bleachers need some love? Keep crowds happy and coming back for more with key enhancements like seating construction, redesign, or bleacher repair and maintenance. 

6. Lighting Enhancements

Illuminate your synthetic turf sports fields properly; your athletes, coaches, and game attendees will thank you! Utilize this time to ensure that facilities are well-lit and energy-efficient.

Timing your upgrades right pays off.

There are many benefits to planning comprehensive, synchronized facilities upgrades when your artificial turf field is ready to be replaced. Executing these projects simultaneously reduces project costs and timelines and decreases the risk of damage to sports fields and tracks. You’ll ensure the most significant protection and save on soft costs.

To protect your field during most of the upgrades we’ve just mentioned, your service providers will need to use equipment and materials to safeguard your facilities. The last thing you want is to rip up a brand new field or drive equipment across a new track due to an ill-timed bleachers installation, track resurfacing, or other projects. Prevent multiple field closures and mitigate damage with a coordinated strategy. 

Motz is a full-service provider that project manages all of the upgrades you need at the same time for a convenient, cost-effective, and seamless experience. Partner with our team of experienced turf experts to sync numerous upgrades, safeguard your fields, and avoid the hassle of working with multiple companies. Check out this example of a multi-faceted facilities upgrade project.

We’re here to help you protect the substantial investments required to run your athletic facilities. Contact us today with any questions about your stadium upgrades.

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