High-Performance Softball Fields

One of the most important elements in keeping softball players protected and performing their best is the quality and safety of the playing surface. Base-running sports like softball have recently converted to installing primarily synthetic turf fields due to the benefits they offer, especially in locations of seasonal climate change and temperamental weather. The Motz team understands the components your athletes need from their softball field, and our custom synthetic turf fields feature the most advanced products on the market that adhere to the highest standards for quality, safety, and durability.

Softball Field Specifications

Speed | Your players want a fast and firm surface. Our turf is built for speed and maximizing your game.

True Ball Roll | Our softball field systems are designed to ensure an even, safe, and dependable playing surface for consistent ball hop and roll.

Muddy No More | Utilizing synthetic turf for a softball field means reduced rain-outs and avoiding a muddy situation.

Featured Projects

Sports Field Construction Experts

Motz has built a strong reputation in the industry as a high-performance sports field construction partner. Through constant innovation, continued growth and proven expertise, we demonstrate the value and performance we build into every field we plan, design, install and maintain.

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TriplePlay is our softball-focused synthetic turf system. Offering a primary backing that provides all-encompassing stability, this system is built to ensure there will be no wrinkles or turf creep. Specifically built for softball performance needs, this system delivers exceptional playability with reduced rain-outs and less maintenance.

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