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Discover Your Ideal Backyard With Safeshell, the 100% Natural Artificial Turf Infill

Imagine: you’re on your backyard patio, reveling in this year’s first summer barbeque.

You’ve fired up the grill. Sliced up fresh watermelon. Your neighbors are over, drinks in hand. All the kids are kicking around a soccer ball. Everyone’s in good spirits.

And the foundation for all this summer fun?

Your brand new lawn — one of those projects you’d been mulling over… and over. You carefully researched all the options, narrowed down your priorities, and finally discovered your ideal backyard lawn: artificial turf with Safeshell’s 100% organic infill.

Could you picture yourself in that summertime scene?

Want to finally check your yard upgrade off your to-do list in time for summer?

Install a Safeshell artificial turf system for endless summer fun

Do you have your eye on installing an artificial lawn at home?

Or maybe you already have artificial turf, but you’re unhappy with your infill and are looking for a better quality upgrade.

Before you start dusting off that grill, let’s take a look at why homeowners across the country are choosing to install Safeshell in their artificial turf system.

You can judge for yourself whether Safeshell is ideal for your new artificial turf lawn project, too.

The magic of a low-maintenance lawn

What if you could enjoy the perks of a lush backyard lawn — without having to mow, water, or battle weeds ever again?

Homeowners tell us a main motivation for choosing artificial turf with Safeshell infill is saying goodbye to lawn maintenance: keeping up with a natural grass lawn can be exhausting. If you’re like our customers, you’d rather spend your time (and money) on relaxing summer barbeques, yard games, or just lazing around on the lawn.

Our customers often choose artificial turf because it’s low-maintenance to begin with. But where other infills on the market can require effort to stay looking good, Safeshell actually makes artificial turf systems even more effortless. The round shape of each grain means that when installed properly, Safeshell keeps your infill low to the ground and settled snugly between each blade of turf — right where it’s supposed to stay.

Revel in your beautiful yard — all year round

Of course, a concrete pad would make a fuss-free backyard, too. But what about aesthetics and comfort?

If the appearance and feel of a lush looking lawn are a priority for you, an artificial turf system with Safeshell is a more natural fit.

Safeshell’s earthy tone blends seamlessly into artificial turf for an effortless appearance, all year round. And besides aesthetics, our organic infill simulates the soft, cushiony feel of walking on natural grass as well. Safeshell’s natural brown color also makes a clean and tidy blend where the edges of your artificial turf meets landscaping mulch.

Save money on your water bill

Ever wonder how much maintaining your natural grass lawn contributes to that frustratingly high water bill? Spoiler: quite a lot.

In fact, if the average US lawn was watered for 20 minutes each day, every day of the week — it would use as much water as running a shower constantly for four days straight… or taking over 800 showers. That’s a whole year of showering for the average family!

Of course, lawns need even more water in areas prone to droughts, where natural lawns are nearly unquenchable.

Time to shrink that water bill. Save money every month with a Safeshell artificial turf system. And bonus — using less water helps the environment, too.

So if you’re looking for a less resource-heavy lawn solution, artificial turf with Safeshell could be your answer.

Proven safe for your family

Imagine spreading a blanket on your brand new lawn for an outdoor picnic. Or what about walking around with your little one, both of you barefoot? Maybe you’d like to relax on the lawn with a book?

We hope it eases your mind to know that, however you like to use your lawn, we formulated Safeshell exclusively from US-grown walnut shells to be 100% organic and non-toxic — with the goal of keeping you and your family safe.

Both the creation and installation of Safeshell infill are entirely chemical free. And following FDA regulations, our process also removes all allergens below 2.4 parts per million.

Plus, Safeshell’s secret weapon is evaporative cooling. Unlike other infills that can trap heat, our natural infill keeps lawns cool and comfy for maximum playtime in summer heat — with minimum effort.

Ready to kick those pesky lawn chores to the curb — and enjoy a sustainable artificial lawn that you can trust your family to play safely on for years to come?

Safeshell is helping homeowners across the country upgrade their lawns.

What do you think? Does it fit your priorities, too?

With our eight year warranty, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving our 100% organic infill a chance.

Contact us directly to start turning your dream lawn into reality.

Where to Buy Motz Turf Infill

USGreentech provides Envirofill and Safeshell for landscaping projects through our nationwide distribution network. Purchase 50lb bags of Envirofill or 25lb bags of Safeshell directly from your nearest distributor or have bags shipped to you from the warehouse closest to you. Find Infill Near You

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