Franklin & Marshall College

Project Overview

After evaluating numerous alternative infill options, Envirofill rose to be this college’s top choice.

Sport Type


Infill Type


1.5" dual fiber with thatch

15mm shock pad

The Challenge

After careful consideration and feedback from the community, Franklin and Marshall College landed on installing the progressive infill, Envirofill. Envirofill’s domestic sourcing and sustainability allow the players to feel confident in the health of the field. In addition, Envirofill being the lowest maintenance infill on the market, allowed the maintenance and coaching teams to focus on what they do best! That is, maintaining a winning field and creating a dominating game.

The Solution

As Franklin and Marshall College’s new stadium was being built, they wanted to find building materials that were sustainable and long-lasting. As the Diplomats planned to add their wear and tear to the field, they knew they needed low maintenance and durable infill that could withstand potential rigorous use.

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Where to Buy Infill for Sports Fields

Motz offers two innovative turf infills that champion durability and performance while being low maintenance, safe and earth-friendly. Work with your contractor or field designer to request a sample or place an order. Contact us for any questions you may have about the ordering process.

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