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Artificial Turf for Dogs: Why and Where to Use It

One perk of being a dog owner? It’s a built-in reason to get outside, and often.

Maybe that’s why dog owners tend to, on average, be healthier people. Dogs have been shown to increase physical activity levels in their humans by about 70 percent, making dog owners four times likelier than folks without these furry friends to get enough exercise each week. Plus, time spent playing outdoors with pets boosts serotonin and dopamine, your body’s feel-good hormones, making it good for mental health, too.

Given all the ways outdoor time benefits both you and your pup, getting outside regularly should feel effortless. A lot of yards and green spaces aren’t set up for maximum ease of use, however. Luckily, putting in the right artificial turf and infill system can make all the difference in eliminating common problems, like odor, mess and mud. And why stop at the backyard? There are a number of other dog-frequented spaces that can benefit from a durable turf system, too, making outdoor time all the more intuitive.

Check out some of the reasons, and ways, dog lovers are using artificial turf below.

Why artificial turf with Envirofill is good for your pet

1. No mud means less mess

We know you’ve been there. A big rainstorm just passed and Fido is sitting expectantly by the door, eager to get outside and play. But if you let them out now, you’re certain to have a big, muddy mess to clean up later, and that’s not something you have time for. 

With an artificial turf system that uses Envirofill, there won’t be any mud — meaning that, rain or shine, you’re not going to see muddy paw prints inside.

2. Your turf system’s Envirofill is nontoxic

With Envirofill as your turf system’s infill product, you can feel confident your pup is playing in a space that’s free of harmful toxins. Envirofill’s Microban (antimicrobial product protection) uses a Zinc-based technology to help fight bacteria without a need for noxious chemicals. Because Envirofill is nontoxic, it’s also safe if accidentally ingested, making it an ideal infill choice for artificial turf play areas frequented by kids and dogs alike.

3. You can reduce pet odors

To avoid a stinky yard as a dog owner, drainage is everything. Not all artificial turf carpets or infills are optimized for drainage. That can mean a major odor issue for your yard, as well as making it a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Envirofill was specifically designed for homes and other spaces used by pets. While helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, Envirofill’s Microban technology reduces ammonia odor from urine by up to 99%. While Envirofill with Microban reduces pet odors, for the best results, you might want to occasionally use an enzyme cleaner on your lawn. For more information, read our blog covering top tips for preventing and neutralizing dog urine odors in artificial grass.

4. It looks great year-round

Okay, this one is maybe more so a benefit to you than your pet. But we all know how unsightly a yard can look when one area has very visibly become the “pee corner” or your pet’s favorite spot to dig. An artificial turf system using Envirofill won’t leave grass stains and will maintain its lush look, no matter the season and no matter how many games of fetch are played on it. For green spaces that are frequented by multiple dogs, that’s an especially big perk!

Where to install an artificial turf system for pets

1. Your backyard

For a green space at home that you and your pup will love, putting in a turf system that uses Envirofill is a natural choice. With an industry-best 16-year warranty, limited maintenance and no mess, you can both enjoy outdoor time without the stress.

2. A dog park

An artificial turf dog park is a great option for a durable, low-maintenance community space that brings folks together and gets both you and your dog outside. Whether you’re a city planner or an active community member, the lack of upkeep required by installing artificial grass with Envirofill should help you sell the idea. (Check out other ways of getting your community on board here!)

3. A dog run

Need an outdoor space for your dog to blow off some unsupervised steam without having access to the full yard? Or want a community area for dogs but don’t have enough room for a full-blown park? A dog run let’s pups burn off energy and get outside in a contained, protected way — think of it as a mini park, exercise pen or general hang-out spot. No matter how you plan on using it, an artificial turf system can dress up a dog run nicely.

4. Doggy daycare or boarding facility

A true dog lover, you’ve got plenty of pooches under your watch, and you want them to have a safe, clean outdoor space to play in that’ll hold up to wear and tear. Installing an artificial turf system that uses Envirofill is an essentially one-and-done option. The play area will look great, appeal to other dog owners (and potential customers!), and be a no-fuss space for you to keep clean.

5. Dog adoption centers

Working in some outdoor playtime for dogs that have to spend so much time in crates is vital. It can truly make a tremendous difference in their quality of life, and it’ll keep them happier and healthier until they’ve found their forever home. With so many dogs using the space, though, durability is paramount here, too. An artificial turf system that uses Envirofill will be clean and soft under dogs’ paws, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up messes tracked back inside, either.

Whatever pooch-approved project you’re working on, take it up a notch by finding Envirofill near you!

Where to Buy Motz Turf Infill

Motz provides Envirofill for landscaping projects through our nationwide distribution network. Purchase 50lb bags of Envirofill or 25lb bags of Safeshell directly from your nearest distributor or have bags shipped to you from the warehouse closest to you.

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