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How to Buy Envirofill: 5 Easy Steps

Create your ideal environment for your lawn, park, playground, or putting green with Envirofill, the key ingredient to the all-season, low-maintenance artificial turf system your neighbors only dream of.

Use this easy resource to make ordering Envirofill a breeze (even if you’re brand new to how artificial turf infill works).

1 – Select Envirofill

Envirofill is the best-selling artificial grass infill specifically made for artificial turf.

Here’s why:

  1. Save time and money:
    Envirofill is not only easy to install, it’s also long-lasting — which means minimal maintenance and ongoing financial investment.
  2. Trust you’re making a safe choice:
    Envirofill is proven 100% nontoxic and non-hazardous by third-party labs and thousands of installations.
  3. Protect your loved ones from germs:
    Envirofill’s Microban® antimicrobial protection keeps turf clean.
  4. Enjoy a lush-looking turf system:
    Backyard? Playground? Putting green? Envirofill supports a variety of aesthetics.

Since many types of infills can impact the quality of the overall artificial turf system, you’re leagues ahead by choosing Envirofill.

When you factor in Envirofill’s 16-year warranty, you can easily see why it’s an ideal complement for your artificial turf system.

Pro tip:

Think of artificial turf infill like soil, the cushiony foundation of natural grass. In the same way, a thriving artificial turf system requires quality infill for sustainable comfort, long-lasting performance, and the kind of high-level safety you have to consider where kids may be involved.

2 – Find A Dealer or Installer

Now that you’ve chosen Envirofill, use our map to discover your nearest dealer or installer.

On the map page, enter your location into the dealer map search bar. Hint: you’ll find the best search results by using your zip code.

Which type of turf project are you planning?

  1. Use the corresponding filter, either “installer” or “reseller dealer”.
    Installer – If you’d like someone to install the project for you, choose locations marked as installers.
    Reseller – Going DIY? If you just need to buy infill or the materials needed to install the turf and infill yourself, check the reseller box on the map. 
  2. Once you’ve typed in your location and filtered via dealer type, check “apply filters”, and you’ll see the map narrow down your search
  3. You’ll find the dealer’s contact information on the map. Reach out to them to connect!

Don’t see a dealer near your location? No problem. You’ll see a message about our partners that can ship Envirofill to you — anywhere in the US.

Pro tip:

To feel confident in your installer choice, read this blog for 5 helpful questions you’ll want to ask your artificial turf installer — before you hire them.

3 – Place Your Order

Now that you’ve found your installer — or decided you have the time and energy to go DIY — it’s time to place your order.

Check out this simple explanation for choosing the right size Envirofill for your project.

If you’re getting Envirofill installed:

Each installer works a bit differently, but here’s a typical scenario.

After you’ve used the map find and reached out to an installer, you’ll need to give the installer some information, including:

  1. Project type: lawn, putting green, dog park, playground?
  2. Use case: will the area be used by pets? how many, and how often? This helps installers determine the amount of Envirofill they need, because a backyard versus a dog park have different infill needs.
  3. Project size: how large of a surface are you covering with artificial turf?

After you’ve shared your project info, the installer will get back to you with a quote. Sometimes they’ll request a site-visit before quoting, depending on the size and project type.

Pro tip:

This is an ideal time for you to ask the installer any questions, learn more about the products in the quote to confirm you’re getting Envirofill, and to ensure you’re getting the proper amount of infill for your project size. It’s also a good time to talk through the timing of the install, and when an installation crew will be able to get to the project location.

If you’re going DIY and installing Envirofill yourself:

  1. Do you have artificial turf already, and you’re looking for Envirofill to add to your turf?
    If so, you can buy bags of Envirofill from anyone marked as a reseller on the map — and then follow the how to install artificial turf infill with swagger video to learn the proper way to install.
  2. Or maybe you’re DIYing your entire turf project?
    In this case, purchase both turf and Envirofill from a reseller account on our map. Before placing your order, make sure you know which type of turf you want. Place your order for both turf and Envirofill with the artificial turf company, and either have it all shipped to your house, or pick it up and transport it back to your house.

The proper infill amount is directly dependent on the type of artificial turf you’re installing. If you’re trying to figure that out yourself, read this helpful guide about how much Envirofill you’ll need for various types of projects.

Pro tip:

Talk to the artificial turf company you’re choosing to see if they can talk through the project with you — and give you quantity recommendations on materials needed and steps to take. 

Envirofill SizeTurf Pile HeightTurf SpecDepthLbs. Per Sqft.
30/501/2″Texturized PE/Nylon7/16” – 1/2″1.5-2.0lbs.
30/505/8″Texturized PE/Nylon9/16” – 5/8″2.0-2.5lbs.
20/405/8″Texturized PE Tennis5/8″ – 11/16″2.5-3.0lbs.
16/301-1¼”PE/PP Putting¼” (Top dressed).25-.5lbs.
12/20 or 16/301-1¼”Pet/Playground ⅜” – ½”1.5-2.5lbs.
12/20 or 16/301½ – 1 ¾Landscape ½” – ¾”2.5-3.5lbs.
12/20 or 16/301⅞” – 2 ¼”Landscape¾” – 1”3.5-4.5lbs.


4 – Installation

If you’re getting your artificial turf system installed by professionals:

Depending on the size and complexity of your artificial turf project, the crew will be larger or smaller — and the size and complexity of the project will determine how long the project lasts. Most residential landscape projects will be done in 1-2 days. 

The crew will build the system from the bottom up:

  1. Perform any base work necessary
  2. Install a pad if there’s one included in your system
  3. Roll out the artificial turf
  4. Make sure the turf is secured properly in place
  5. Add Envirofill to keep the turf blades standing tall and add weight to the system to help it withstand snow, rain and heat.

Interested in learning more about the process from a homeowner’s perspective? Read this blog written by a homeowner who had a putting green installed in his backyard.

If you’re a DIYer, installing your own artificial turf and infill:

Here’s an excellent resource on the whole process of installing artificial turf with Envirofill for yourself. 

When it’s time to install the infill, watch this video to learn how to install Envirofill with swagger.

Consider these installation guidelines to learn how much Envirofill to use and which equipment you’ll need.

Pro tip:

DIY artificial turf can be a complex project to do alone. But if you’re handy in that way and want some extra help to make sure you’re on the right track, read this handy quick-reference guide to installing turf infill.

5 – Enjoy!

Time for yard games, barbecues, and making memories in your new outdoor space.

One of the main reasons our customers tell us they chose artificial turf with Envirofill is how easy it is to maintain.

Plus, our best-selling Envirofill turf infill comes with a 16-year warranty — the best warranty in the industry — so you’re free to relax and enjoy your beautiful new artificial turf system, without worrying about a thing.

Get started on your artificial turf project by finding an installer or reseller near you.

Pro tip:

Homeowners, get inspired with these examples of creative ways to turn your backyard into a vacation spot with artificial turf.

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