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Natural Sports Turf for Football, Baseball, Soccer & More!

The Motz Group is uniquely qualified in natural grass sports turf and hybrid sports turf. We have been building them since we started our business more than 40 years ago. We are internationally recognized as a leader in high-performance, natural sports turf fields. Our commitment is seeded in a tradition of quality and innovation.

Whether you need the ultimate in surface playability and flexibility, a customized package that seamlessly blends budget and quality, or an advanced technology root zone management system that always delivers optimal playing conditions, The Motz Group can design and execute the perfect solution. We are experienced professionals in our field and the best choice when it comes to yours.

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Natural Turf Sports Fields by The Motz Group

At The Motz Group, we have three types of high-performance professional, natural turf sports field systems— AirPAT, Eclipse Stabilized Natural Turf, and High-Performance Gravity turf. Each type offers advantages for maintenance and playability, and all bring elements of top safety and durability.

Our advanced natural grass sports turf is perfect for a variety of sports fields, including football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, field hockey, and multi-purpose recreational fields.


As the most developed natural grass root zone management system in the world, AirPAT provides total customization, allowing your natural turf surface to be playable in any climate. It monitors the environment of the root zone and also allows positive and negative air to move through the turf’s root zone.

Our AirPAT system:

  • Offers overhead and sub-irrigation
  • Delivers gravity- and vacuum-enhanced drainage
  • Provides ability to capture, conserve, and recycle water
  • And more!

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Eclipse Stabilized Natural Turf

Eclipse Stabilized Natural Turf is a hybrid turf that offers manageability, playability, and flexibility. The advanced turf system provides strong horizontal stability and successfully meets the athletic demand standards required by today’s athletes. Eclipse offers a full natural grass surface rooted through a synthetic fiber matrix. Its design includes synthetic grass fibers tufted into an open weave, built to create the perfect foundation for the natural grass surface to flourish.

High-Performance Gravity

For a custom natural grass sports turf solution, choose our High-Performance Gravity (HPG) system. This custom turf system:

  • Is tailored to meet your performance and budget goals
  • Upholds quality, durability, and safety
  • Allows you to meet project-specific standards
  • Can accommodate any need you have

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Natural Sports Turf Fields by The Motz Group

At The Motz Group, we prioritize and incorporate each natural sports turf field system with high-performing elements, supported by the ultimate in safety and quality. Our team is skilled in building the top natural grass sports fields and has been building them for 40 years, in the States and internationally.

Natural and hybrid sports turf systems are a key component in the ever-evolving sports turf industry. Advanced technology and innovation allow each turf system, whether natural or hybrid, to accommodate the needs of your sports team and facility. The Motz Group has more than four decades of experience in building such fields and understands the importance of providing custom packages to you and your team.

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