Natural Fields

The Motz Group is uniquely qualified in natural grass and hybrid sports turf. We have been building them since we started our business, over 40 years ago. We are internationally recognized as a leader in high-performance, natural turf sports fields. Our commitment is seeded in a tradition of quality and innovation.

Whether you need the ultimate in surface playability and flexibility, a customized package that seamlessly blends budget and quality, or an advanced technology root zone management system that always delivers optimal playing conditions, Motz can design and execute the perfect solution. We are experienced professionals in our field, and the best choice when it comes to yours.

Natural Fields for Pro-Grade Sports Venues
High-Performance Professional Fields Rooted in Proven Expertise
Experts in Fielding Dreams.

There’s nothing like seeing a field of dreams become a reality, especially when it’s been long-awaited by the community, dedicated fans, and aspiring athletes.

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