Get Your GAME ON With an Innovative Synthetic Turf System

From wearing team jerseys and being a part of the cheers and chants to feeling the agonizing drama of a close game, there’s nothing that matches the spirit of a sports stadium.  As all this goes on, the field lies quietly beneath the action, telling its own story. More than just the supportive surface beneath […]

Why You Need to Plan Early for Field Replacement

Planning for Field Replacement: A Five-Step Replacement Plan Sports fields are designed to take a licking and keep on kicking; the more successful your field is, the more use and abuse it’s taking on a day to day basis — that’s what it was built for. Even as the materials and technology of modern sports […]

Why is Cradle to Cradle Certification Important?

Mariemont - Zero Waste - Turf Rolls

At Motz, we’re committed to building and replacing fields responsibly and sustainably. To achieve this, we partner with like-minded companies who share our vision for the future. In 2018, we joined forces with Shaw Sports Turf to manufacture our line of synthetic turf products. One of the reasons we aligned with Shaw was their commitment […]

Are Artificial Turf Fields Better for High School Baseball?

Artificial turf is on the rise for baseball fields, and for good reason.  While the nostalgia of natural grass fields certainly has its place, they’re not always the most ideal surface to play on. Keeping a natural grass field in prime playing condition can take a lot of work, and it’s possible to be just […]

Guide to Choosing Colorful Turf for Your Artificial Turf Sports Field

Did you know that artificial turf sports fields come in colors other than green? The field is your canvas. Colorful synthetic turf fields outside greens are not standard, but they are becoming more popular each year. Field colors overall are trending toward bright, bigger, and bolder, with design elements.  Custom designs of color create an […]

The 6 Steps to Replacing Your Synthetic Turf Field (the Smart Way)

It’s been gradual, but after years of daily practices and games, your durable artificial turf system is finally starting to show some signs of wear and tear. You suspect that a field replacement may be in order, but you aren’t totally sure where to start. Replacing an entire synthetic turf sports field is, after all, […]

Replacing Your Artificial Turf Field? Make These Six Upgrades At the Same Time!

Most synthetic turf sports fields must be replaced every 8-10 years. When the time comes, you may wonder who can help, what it will cost, and what needs consideration. These questions are just the tip of the iceberg for many artificial turf field owners. In navigating this process for over forty years, we’ve learned that […]

Pro Sports Teams, Companies, and Local Groups Unite for Cincinnati’s Youth

What do athletics mean to the communities where they’re played and to the athletes who play them? At Motz, we’ve seen individuals and communities thrive when athletics are integrated into peoples’ lives. The dignity, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose that come with sportsmanship and team building changes lives and improves the mental and physical […]

5 Synthetic Sports Turf Field Design Trends to Consider for Your Next Field

In recent years, sports facilities, both collegiate and professional, have changed into major arenas with more food and beverage and fans packed to the brim. But facilities are not the only area of sports that have seen a major shift — the same can also be said for artificial turf fields. In the last eight […]

Artificial Turf Baseball and Softball Field Warning Track Options

Warning tracks are an integral safety component of baseball and softball fields whether they are natural grass or synthetic turf fields. Their sole purpose is to keep athletes safe by warning them they are close to the edge of the field and approaching a fence or wall. Warning tracks have also been used to add […]