Tailored to hit a homerun, the TriplePlay synthetic turf system is specifically built with baseball and softball’s detailed performance needs in mind. Offering a primary backing that provides all-encompassing stability, this system is built to ensure there will be no wrinkles or turf creep. The secondary polyurethane layer locks the fibers tightly in position. Infilled with a sand rubber mixture or the infill of your choice, this system delivers exceptional playability with less rain-outs and reduced maintenance.

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  • 1Select Slit-Film, Monofilament, or a Fiber Blend
  • 2Sand Rubber Mixture or Preferred Infill
  • 3Yarn-Locking Primary Backing With Secondary Polyurethane Backing Layer
  • 4Shock Pad (Optional for Added Level of Protection and Consistent Playability)
  • 5Two-Tier Gravel Foundation
  • 6Drainage Matrix
System Detail
Tuft DetailsTuft
TriplePlay keeps its eye on the ball, offering multiple fiber options for your field’s performance requirements. Pick from our proven, wear-resistant slit-film fiber, one of our split-free monofilament fibers, or a perfect combination of the two. Choose to add a powerhouse thatch layer for increased density and optimal infill encapsulation.
Tuft in detail
Preferred Application(s)
Baseball Softball
Stack Your System
Quality Manufacturing
The Motz Group believes that lasting legacies begin with strong foundations. When it comes to synthetic turf fields, strong success is rooted in the selection of a well-vetted team and a well-designed product. Winning turf is quality manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand season after season. So, when it came to identifying the perfect turf manufacturing partner, much like our craftsmanship, we didn’t cut any corners. As a result, The Motz Group proudly partners with Shaw Sports Turf, part of the largest flooring manufacturing company in the world, to produce our custom line of high-performance synthetic turf products. When core values align and passions run deep, there’s no greater strategy for bringing home a win.
Warranty Coverage
Cover 3™ warranty insures the performance of all three key components of your field’s installation - drainage, gravel foundation and turf - for a full eight years.
Consider a Pad
Adding a pad provides a level of protection and consistent playability to your surface. Pads are designed to aid in a safe GMAX level throughout the life of the field, even past your warranty agreement. In fact, surfaces that include a pad often experience an extended lifespan and, in some cases, can be used for multiple lifecycles. Pads come in different shapes and sizes, and can be selected based on performance needs.
Add a Thatch
A thatch layer provides more density and fullness to your surface. A thatch layer also plays a role in keeping the infill in its intended location.
Choose an infill
Providing stability for turf fibers, infill helps create an even playing surface. Based on desired performance needs, you can select from four categories including crumb rubber, coated sand, organic, and virgin rubbers. Each category and product within it, comes with their own set of unique benefits and playability characteristics.
Schedule Annual Maintenance
Enrolling in an annual synthetic turf maintenance program is an investment in the lifespan and longevity of your field. The Motz Group’s comprehensive Motz365 Condition is engineered to functionally, hygienically, and aesthetically improve synthetic turf surfaces and maximize the lifespan of your surface.

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